Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spring Training Autograph Recap: Indians and Reds 3/30/13

Trying to get caught up on my posts. My oldest son turned 7 back on March 30th. Since it was a Saturday, we went to the Cleveland Indians practice in the morning and then went to the last Spring Training game between the Indians and Reds. It was a split squad game for the Reds and so none of their big league roster was there. We got a few Indians autographs at practice and then got Billy Hamilton to sign our tickets at the game. We got one autograph at the Indians parking lot after the game.

Jason Kipnis signed a card for us at practice. He was a great signer throughout Spring Training and was always very personable with the fans!

We also got Jason Giambi to sign a few cards for us. Giambi was typically the last guy to head into the clubhouse and yet he almost always still stopped and signed for everyone. Wish him the best this year!

We left the game in the 5th or 6th inning and went over to the Indians parking lot to try to get a few autographs. There was only one other person there when we got there. He actually recognized me from my YouTube channel, which was kind of weird. We only got one autograph, but it was a nice one. Ubaldo Jimenez signed a card for us. I don't even really remember seeing him the rest of Spring Training, but the pitchers weren't as accessible as the rest of the players so we must have just missed him. 

Here are the tickets that Billy Hamilton signed for us. He made our day! (This will make sense if you follow Billy on Twitter).

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