Sunday, April 21, 2013

Opening Day and a surprise from a fellow blogger!

Opening Day was almost 3 weeks ago. I'm still catching up on the blog as you can tell, but I'm almost there.

I took my two oldest boys with me to Opening Day, Arizona Diamondbacks vs. St. Louis Cardinals. We decided to take the light rail to Chase Field which saved us money on parking but took a lot longer to get there. Consequently we didn't arrive early enough to try to get any autographs before the game started. It didn't matter though because we all had a great time. There is just no other game that can compare to Opening Day! To top things off, the D-Backs won!

Adam, of the blog Thoughts and Sox, had emailed me a couple days prior, asking if I was going to be at Opening Day because he had something for me. We arranged to meet during the 4th inning where the D-Backs Mascot, Baxter, signs autographs, since we both had our kids with us.

Speaking of Baxter, my boys got these Topps Mascot cards signed.

I didn't know what Adam had for me but was really excited when I saw Chris Young signed ball. Adam explained how it came into his possession, but thought that I would like it more since I'm a D-Backs fan and he's a Red Sox fan. He also had a letter from the Diamondbacks about the ball. I'm very excited to add this to my collection! Thank you so much Adam.

Adam also had some cards for me. He had some Cards Featuring Awards and Multiple Bat Cards for me from his Red Sox cards, as well as some D-Backs cards.

 These 2003 Upper Deck Standing "O" cards look fantastic. The only downside for me is the part that says STANDING "O". Otherwise, it's an almost perfect card! Take a look at the schilling and then look at the Gonzalez. The STANDING "O" is white so you can barely see it against Schillings white jersey, but it really stands out on the Gonzalez card. The two die cut cards are really cool and the stitching of the baseball even has texture to it giving you a feeling of a real baseball.


  1. Nice Baxters. We'll have to borrow your idea next time we go. Probably next Saturday.

  2. Love the Chris Young ball. Looking to add one to my collection soon (o;