Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Arizona Fall League with a fellow blogger!

Adam, of the blog Thoughts and Sox, sent me an email letting me know about a couple of Arizona Fall league games where Carl Crawford and Dustin Pedroia were being inducted into the Arizona Fall league Hall of Fame last week.

I couldn't make it to both, but I was able to make it to the game where Pedroia was being honored. I had hopes of getting his autograph, but so did a few hundred other people.

Here is Pedroia addressing the crowd. They also retired his jersey number from when he was in the Fall League and announced that no other player would wear number 77 again.

My oldest son came with and he got a foul ball from one of the players. One of the nice things about the Fall League is that you can sit anywhere you want so we sat a few rows behind the dugout and one of the players tossed it up to us.

Adam was at the game as well and it was fun to visit with him. He brought me a few D-Backs items.

First up were a 2000 APBA Major League Baseball Stats & Strategy Game Premiere Edition Diamondbacks team set.

I'd never seen these before. It's for some sort of game.

Here is the back.

Here's the front of the Randy Johnson and Travis Lee.

Adam had one other BIG surprise for me. It's a custom made Dan Haren poster signed by Haren. Adam said he picked it up at a Goodwill several years ago and that it was in his son's room until recently. 

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