Sunday, November 30, 2014

Small Business Saturday at my LCS

I used Small Business Saturday as an excuse to visit my LCS.

There are a bunch of 3200 count boxes on the counter that have 8/$1 cards.

I picked out 32 cards and took them over to the register to pay for them.

The owner of the shop counted them and then told me it would be $3.

I told him I thought there were 32 cards. He told me that he had counted 24 cards and there were only a couple more so he was only going to charge me $3. That works for me!

So the 8/$1 cards ended up costing me just over 9 cents each.

The bulk of the cards I picked up were from the 1981 Topps set and some will make it into my Topps Page-a-Year binder.

I picked out a good assortment of Record Breaker cards...

... a World Series highlight card...

...a bunch of star players...

...and a handful of Hall of Famers.

Here are the rest of the cards.

2 cards for my Jorge Posada mini player collection.

A couple of Griffeys. Not sure if I already have these or not, but at that price I'm not going to pass up a Griffey. 

I have a nephew named Jack Wilson, so I try and pick them up when I come across them.

Eventually I'll put this entire subset together. 

A couple of Jeter cards highlighting two of his Yankee records. 

Erskine signs through the mail and since I already have this for my set I'll send this out to get signed.

Can't pass up a card of a player holding multiple bats for one of my original and most favorite mini collections. 

I picked up this card because of the pink arm band because of the recent promotion that the Pirates Treasure Room had in October to promote breast cancer awareness. 

I saw this card, or at least the base version of this card, recently on the Dime Boxes and so when I saw it I had to pick it up. 

If you are counting you probably are wondering how come there were only 29 cards if I bought 32. I forgot to scan one card, a AL Home Run Leader card from 1981 Topps featuring Reggie Jackson, Ben Oglivie and Mike Schmidt. The other two are for someone else so I won't show them here.


  1. Those "Season Biography" inserts of Griffey and Jeter are spectacular.

  2. Nice pick ups. If someone would have told me that two Expos broke the record for most stolen bases in a season by a pair of teammates I would have guessed Tim Raines would have been a part of the record breaking duo. Shows what i know!

  3. Can't lose for 3 bucks. A successful trip!