Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Card Collecting Goals

I didn't do very well with my 2014 Card Collecting Goals, but that won't stop me from setting more goals for 2015.

I started my blog mid 2009, so 2010 was the first year that I set goals. Below are all the goals that I have set since and am either still working on or have not started, plus a few new ones.
  1. Send out at least 60 ttm autograph requests - 5 per month should be manageable.
  2. 3000 Hit Club Bat Card Collection - I have 20 out of 28 so far. Here are the remaining 8 that I need. 
    • Pete Rose
    • Tris Speaker
    • Derek Jeter
    • Cap Anson
    • Honus Wagner
    • Eddie Collins
    • Nap Lajoie
    • Craig Biggio
  3. Put together 5 insert sets from the 1990's - These will be insert sets that I saw growing up, but never put together. 
  4. Ryan Roberts Collection - Organize and document my Ryan Roberts collection and add to it.
  5. Brandon Webb Collection - Reach 300 unique Brandon Webb cards. I am currently at 283, so I will set a secondary goal of 350.
  6. Vintage - Add more vintage cards to my collection, specifically Hank Aaron.
  7. Autographed Baseballs - Add 5 signed baseballs to my collection.
  8. 1997 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. Game Jersey - I don't really expect to add this to my collection any time soon, but I've got to have it on my list.
  9. Organize Collection - I made a lot of progress on this in 2014 and will continue in 2015.
  10. Finish the 2002 SP Legendary Cuts set - I only need 24 cards.
  11. Keep working on my First Night Game at Wrigley Field project
  12. Finish my Diamondbacks Bobblehead collection - I ended 2014 with 55 out of 62 D-Backs Bobbleheads. Here are the remaining 7, scratch that, 6 that I need, because I picked up the 2010 Miguel Montero yesterday.
    • 2001 Matt Williams
    • 2001 Luis Gonzalez
    • 2002 Randy Johnson
    • 2003 Baxter
    • 2008 Baxter
    • 2010 Miguel Montero
    • 2010 Mark Reynolds
  13. A card of every player who has played for the Diamondbacks - Just need to figure out the best way to organize these. 
  14. Rookie Card of players that have won the Rookie of the Year Award - This will be a long term project, but I don't want to forget about it. If I can add a few each year, I'll be happy. 
  15. Add to my 2005 Prime Patches Steve Finley Collection 
  16. Add 5 Hall of Famers Autographs to my collection - I'd love for these to be on ROMLB's but I'll take them any way I can get them.
  17. Complete all Topps D-Backs Team Sets - 103 cards remaining
  18. Finish the 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game Set
  19. Finish the 2003 Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Set
  20. Hold 4 contests on my blog
  21. Hold 2 contests on YouTube
  22. Complete a baseball related art project
  23. Build/buy a display case for baseball cards
  24. Start PC's of Travis Lee, Luis Gonzalez and Randy Johnson
  25. Keep better track of trades

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  1. I've got quite a few 2003 Topps Traded If you were still In need of them.Brandon Webb,Matt Katta etc.