Monday, July 13, 2015

I got Zippy Zapped! Part #1

I was Zippy Zapped today by Kenny of the blog Torren' Up Cards!

This isn't the first time I've been Zippy Zapped by Kenny and hopefully it won't be the last, but this was the first time I wish Kenny would have warned me to have some toilet paper close by when I opened his package.

Better yet, Kenny. If you are going to surprise someone with a 1909 T206 card, then you should probably send some toilet paper along with inside the package.

Check out this 1909 T206 card of David Leonard "Dave" Brain that Kenny sent!

As you can see, this card was well loved prior to arriving at my door and will continue to be well loved by me!

I hadn't heard of Dave Brain before, so I had to do some research. That card is really interesting in that Brain is shown in a Buffalo Bisons uniform and Buffalo is listed on the card. The Bisons were a National League club from 1879 - 1885 but changed to a minor league team in 1886 as part of the International League.

Brain wasn't born until 1879 (in Hereford, England), so this card features him in a minor league uniform from 1902, even though he played for the Chicago White Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Beaneaters/Doves, Cincinnati Reds, and New York Giants between 1901 and 1908, all before this card was printed.

After only playing 5 games with the White Sox in 1901, Brain was sent to the minors. He spent the 1902 season with the Buffalo Bisons where he hit .331 with 44 extra-base hits. He had 37 steals and led the league in runs scored with 127.

Although he only batted .252 during his 7 year career, Brain showed some pop at the plate and led the National League in home runs in 1907 with 10 home runs.

I've got to do some more research on the Bisons and Dave Brain, but this card is just amazing Kenny! Thank you so much!


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    1. So I watched your video and I understand that this is your second T206. Making my original comment moot. Oh well.

  2. Zippy will not be happy until everyone has a T206.

    Which is why I have recruited the Duggars to all start blogging for me.