Monday, July 20, 2015

It's finished! My Arizona Diamondbacks Bobblehead Collection!

I picked up the last Arizona Diamondbacks bobblehead that I needed last week. Here is my complete collection. There is one more bobblehead going to be given away this season. It is a Randy Johnson HOF bobblehead and will be given out this coming Saturday.

But for now, here is my Arizona Diamondbacks Bobblehead Collection!

This Hello Kitty D-Backs bobblehead is about half the size of most of the other bobbleheads and cost me about twice as much as most of the ones I had to pick up on the secondary market.

Josh Collmentor earned his second bobblehead in 2015. He was the Diamondbacks Opening Day starting pitcher, but has struggled as of late and lost his spot in the rotation. 

Tony LaRussa, in just his first full season in the Diamondbacks organization got his own bobblehead.

This A.J, Pollock Star Wars bobblehead was from this past Saturday. Pollock is having a career year and made his first all-star game earlier this month. 


  1. Congrats on another impressive goal accomplished!

  2. I absolutely LOVE bobbleheads and I think your collection is fantastic. Good luck keeping them dust free! (The worst part about maintaining a bobblehead collection.)

  3. That is an amazing collection, congratulations on such a huge undertaking. My favorite is the zombie bobble head.

  4. Congratulations... what an awesome project! My sister lives in Scottsdale and their family goes to DB games all the time. She offered me her extras. Can't wait to see if there's the cool Star Wars bobble in the package.