Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekly Recap

I got a few things in this week.

2 of 2 from Jeff Reardon via TTM.

Fan Pack from the Texas Rangers

2015 Pocket Schedule

 2 Stickers

1 of 1 from Julie Ruth Stevens (Babe Ruth's daughter) via TTM

2 of 3 from Darren Daulton via TTM

1 from Ben Bailey of the show Cash Cab via email

2003 Bowman's Best Robby hammock auto via ebay. $0.99 shipped. Feel bad because the seller shipped in a padded envelope and it cost them $2.32 in postage.


  1. Cool Hammock. I'll never understand why people sell things for less than it will cost them to ship it to you. Horrible business plan.

  2. Ben Bailey? Nice! I always enjoyed his show.