Sunday, March 5, 2017

Completing a 1998 Topps Parallel Set

In a recent post I mentioned that I picked up a 1998 Topps Diamondbacks Inaugural partial set at my local card shop for $10. After going through the cards, there were three cards that I needed.

After a bit of researching I decided ebay was my best option and I found the three cards I needed all from the same seller and at decent prices. They were all Buy-It-Now, so I made the purchases on a Saturday and just a couple days later, Monday, the cards arrived in my mailbox.

I found it interesting that the three cards that I needed were all horizontal cards. Other than that I couldn't find any other similarities or determine why they would have been missing.

I don't know if you can tell, but the stamp on the Willie Greene card is from the Devil Rays Inaugural set. 

I contacted the seller and they apologized and sent me the correct card a few days later.  


  1. I cant think of any common thread between the three, but congrats on completing this unique set!

  2. AUSMUS catching - love that! congrats!