Sunday, March 12, 2017

NL 2016 Stikeout Leaders and my 298th different Webb card

Check out this 2017 Heritage National League 2016 Strikeout Leaders card featuring Max Scherzer, Madison Bumgarner, and Arizona Diamondback Robbie Ray. 

Turning the card over you can see that Ray is the 5th name on the list. Scherzer led the N.L. with 284 strikeouts. Jose Fernandez came in second with 253 k's, but Topps choose not to feature him. Not sure it it was out of respect or because they didn't have the rights to do so. Next up is Mad Bum with 251. Then it list Noah Syndergaard at 218 followed by Robbie Ray at 218. 

I wonder why Topps featured Ray over Syndergaard. I'm not complaining. I love that a D-Back is featured on a League Leader card, but I do find it interesting. Syndergaard is obviously a much bigger name and plays in New York. 

This card was sent to me by Chris, from the blog The Collector, along with a few other D-Backs cards from 2017 Topps Heritage.

In fact, here's Robbie Ray's base card from the set which features a picture from a spring training photo shoot.

You can see they cropped this photo for the League Leader card.

Up next is another spring training shot of Chris Owings. Weird to think that the photos on the 2017 Heritage cards are from 2016 spring training. 

I hope A.J. can remain healthy and get back to his All-Star form in 2017. 

Chris sent over a few other Diamondbacks cards as well. The best card of the bunch is this 2010 Finest card of Brandon Webb. This card is my 298th different Brandon Webb card. 

Thanks Chris!


  1. I noticed the same thing on the strikeout leaders card. I personally think it would have been a more respectful gesture to acknowledge Fernandez's accomplishment than to leave him off the card, so I'm guessing it might be a licensing issue. However, he does appear on some flagship inserts, so I don't know.

  2. Yes, that leader card made me wonder the same things - I'd really like to know the deal with Fernandez and 2017 releases. And I guess they went with Ray over Syndergaard either by alphabet, or maybe Ray collected his K's in fewer innings/starts?

    I'm thrilled that I was able to send you at least one card you didn't have. 298 different Brandon Webb cards is quite impressive! Hope you're able to hit 300 soon.