Sunday, March 26, 2017

I need to focus.

There are a ton of different types of collectors out there. The team collector, the set collector, the player collector; just to name a few.

Most people focus on one particular area. I have a problem. I collect everything. I collect anything and everything D-backs. I'm trying to collect every Topps set from 1981 to present. I am a Ryan Roberts super collector and collect Paul Goldschmidt and Brandon Webb along with Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza and a plethora or other players on a much smaller level.

I also love 1990's inserts, autographed baseballs, Hall of Famers, bobble heads, ttm (through the mail) autographs among other things.

I love it but it's also frustrating because I only have a certain amount of money to spend and limited amount of display and storage space, so while I have a lot of stuff I often feel like the quality of my collection suffers.

One blogger who I admire for his collecting focus is Brian, of the blog Collecting Cutch. Brian has the...most..AMAZING...Andrew McCutchen...collection...EVER.

He posts JAW DROPPING cards of Cutch almost every day.

He's holding a contest and mentioned that if you pimped his contest he would send you some cards.

I did just that and in doing so, I apparently became a pimp. He actually thanked me the same way on his blog and when I read it, it made me laugh out loud. Something about it just struck me as supper funny.

Check out some of the sweet cards that Brian sent me just for being a pimp.

I needed this Aaron Hill card for my 2014 Topps D-Backs team set.

This Ian Kennedy blue parallel is numbered out of 500.

These Sega Card GEN cards of Miguel Montero and Wade Miley are really cool. You don't see these very often as they are an Asian exclusive. The only other ones I have came courtesy of a Zippy Zapping

Brian included some 2017 Topps. 

I love seeing this team card since it obviously depicts a Paul Goldschmidt walk-off celebration!

Last, but not least is a sweet Archives autograph of A.J. Pollock. 

A.J. has such a great looking signature!

Thank you so much for the awesome D-Backs cards Brian!


  1. So what do you think you'll focus on?

  2. That's a nice package of cards. And you're right, Pollock does have a really sweet auto.

  3. Thanks for being such a great follower of my blog. I will be posting the Cutch Gold Stadium Club you sent me next week. This week's posts are already planned out in honor of Gypsy Queen being released. I've got another package coming to you this week.

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