Thursday, March 9, 2017

March 9th - Name Tag Day

Today is Name Tag Day.

Check out this 1993 SP card of Colorado Rockie catcher Joe Girardi wearing a name dag during the Rockies inaugural spring training.

If you turn the card over you will discover that "Bryn Smith jokingly distributed badges such as the one Girardi is wearing to all the Rockies in spring training."

Crap! It's a "badge", not a name tag. Not sure this counts for Name Tag Day. 

Any other cards out there featuring name tags or badges?


  1. Tag vs. badge - that's really just a battle of semantics. I'd say it counts!

  2. There was that one of Curtis Leskanic from 1995 Collector's Choice. There was a 9-digit number written on it.

    Bo sent me a copy a couple years ago.