Monday, September 11, 2017

Beckett Baseball Card Monthly November 1998 - Page 6

Today we'll take a look at more Short Prints on page 6 of the November 1998 issue or Becket Baseball Card Monthly magazine. 

The page starts by finishing an explanation as to why a 1998 card of Ken Griffey Jr was used for the Vintage Card segment. 

Chrome Team - I tried to find more information about these 11 x 14 chrome plated photographs, but came up empty handed. I could only find one article online with any mention of the product and it was referencing it regarding Randy Moss. All of the companies involved appear to be long gone and I couldn't find any of the chrome photos on ebay, which I find odd because these were issued nationally through Wal-Mart and JC Penny catalogs.

If anyone has any information about these, please comment below.

Game Used -Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro '98 - I've never been a big online gamer and have no recollection of this game. I was able to find a web site with a review of the game and it looks like the game can be downloaded from the site, but like I said I've never been one to play games on my PC and I'm always afraid of downloading stuff from unfamiliar sites.

If you want to purchase the game it can be found on ebay for less than $10 shipped.

Sweet Shot - 1998 Fleer Jay Buhner #68 - Great looking card! I thought I might have it, but I looked through my Buhner cards and came up empty handed.

We learn that the photographer for the photo used on this 1998 Fleer card is Mitch Haddad. I was able to find a little bit online about Mitch, but it doesn't look like much has been updated since 2011.

Copy Macs - This article starts on page 6 and finished on page 8. It tells the story of Gregory Volk who walked into Showtime Sports Cards in Tempe, AZ during the summer of 1998 with the hottest card on the planet on the front of a sealed cello pack of 1985 Topps cards. Gregory sold the pack to the owner of the card shop, but when the pack was then sold to a customer it was discovered that they McGwire was merely a color photo copy pasted onto a Chili Davis card.

Volk would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids...I mean, he would have gotten away with it if he hadn't gotten greedy and returned to Showtime Sports Cards with another cello pack with McGwire on the cover. The shop owner was able to stall Volk until the police arrived. Volk admitted to making the copies at an Office Max.

Here's a great article by fellow blogger Patrick Greenough of on "How to Spot Fake 1985 Topps Mark McGwire Rookie Cards".

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  1. I wonder if Mr. Volk is still involved in our hobby. If so, hopefully he's learned his lesson and isn't specializing in ripping off collectors. Patrick did a great job on that article. I'm gonna need to see if my McGwires are fake.