Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Beckett Baseball Card Monthly November 1998 - Page 8

Page 8 of the November 1998 issue of Beckett Baseball Card Monthly gives us more Short Prints and we get a look at something called Scattershots. If you thought Short Prints were "short", then Scattershots are tiny snippets about the hobby.


We first learn that the 1998 Bowman Chrome Orlando Hernandez RC was not short printed. The article states "it was printed in different quantities, but was inserted at the same rate as every other base card in the set". Not sure why it was "printed in different quantities" but "inserted at the same rate as every other base card". Anyone have any thoughts on this?

The Yankees "Team of the Century" Lithograph is show without the autographs that raise the price to $3000. I wasn't able to locate any currently for sale, but I did find one that sold in 2014 for a meager $634.00, a far cry for the $3k it originally cost.

Here is the signed and framed version along with the COA. This particular copy is numbered 103/139.

Next up is a snippet about Roberto Clemente tins which include a hermetically sealed reprint of one of his cards. There are four different tins, which can be seen below. If you want to purchase them you can pick them by clicking here.

I actually have one of the hermetically sealed cards from one of the tins and didn't even realize it. This came from a 15/$1 box at my LCS recently.

The last "scattershot" showcases a 8 1/2 pound medallion featuring New York Yankee great Mickey Mantle. We get a look at the medallion in the magazine, but I was able to find a better picture from ebay.

Topps of the Inning

Here we learn of a partnership between Topps and the National Baseball Hall of Fame. I've been to the Hall of Fame once, in 1997, so it was before this partnership. Not sure if the partnership remains to this day. Anybody been to the Hall of Fame recently that can confirm?

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  1. It's too early in the morning. "it was printed in different quantities, but was inserted at the same rate as every other base card in the set" sounds like a riddle... and makes my head hurt. But that Yankees signed lithograph is pretty awesome.