Saturday, January 27, 2018

D-Backs from a Giants Fan

Adam of the blog ARPSmith's Sportscard Obsession recently purchased a massive collection and needs all the room he can get to do some sorting so he offered up some cards he already had sorted out by team. I asked for the D-Backs and a few days later a nice package arrived at my door. Thank you Adam!

I can't be certain, but I'm almost positive that this card features Luis Gonzales with his son Jacob who was recently drafted by the Giants. Adam is a Giants fan, so he may have sent me the "rookie" card of a current Giant.

This red parallel of a 2004 Bazooka is awesome and I needed it for my Brandon Webb collection. It's my 307th  different Webb card. 

Next up is a blue framed Gypsy Queen parallel of Zack Greinke.

These original Gold Label cards are fantastic. So much better than Topps recent reboot. 

Adam sent some Chipz.

These next two are the National League All-Star cards of Greinke and Goldschmidt.

Thanks again Adam for the D-Backs! Good luck sorting!


  1. great cards! I enjoy seeing those featuring players and sons.

  2. Glad you got them and like them, guess I should have kept that Luis Gonzalez card :-)

  3. I just came across that Gonzalez card in a box today. I always say to myelf, "That would make a great Father's Day post" and them forget where I put it when the time comes.

  4. That Ultra card is cool. It'll be fun to see if Jacob Gonzalez turns out to be something.