Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A 10 Card, 9 card Set

I'm not sure why card companies don't produce more 9 card insert sets. They fit perfectly into 9 card sheets. 18 works. So does 27 and 36. Not many insert sets are going to be bigger than that, but you get the point.

The worst is when an insert set is 10 cards. 1 full page and then 1 left over card.

In 1990 Upper Deck introduced the baseball card collecting world to it's Baseball Heroes set, which would continue over a couple different product lines from 1990 - 1997. They would resurrect the Baseball Heroes concept in 2002, but that was different.

Starting in 1990 with Reggie Jackson being cards #1 - #9, the set continues through 1997 ending at card #100.

The problem with the 9 card set is that there is also a not numbered header card, a 10th card.

But wait, the back of the Header Card even says that it's a 9 card set.
Here's the 9 cards.


  1. I remember pulling these in packs. I was young then, and it always confused me when I saw the facsimile auto with the number 44 on that second card. I guess my logic skills weren't all that sharp then. I liked these, but it wasn't until the '91 set with Nolan Ryan that I became obsessed with them!

  2. I viewed Upper Deck as too expensive, so I only ever bought a few packs of it back then. As a result, I only have one of these, the "Moving up the list" card with the Angels.

  3. Good point about 9-card sets. I actually have a 10 card-set that's a 9-card set, because Upper Deck pulled John Rocker from it (2000 HoloGRFX A Piece of the Series).

  4. I've always thought it was an opportunity for a crossover product. The starting nine from each team with sort of a puzzle design that fits in a regular sheet. Topps etc. could work with Ultra Pro and issue binders and sheets with their packs and sets.

  5. I liked the UD Heroes sets of the early 90's. Loved how they made it a "living set". Shame they ended the run in 1995, but then again... it's kinda hard to top The Babe. Upper Deck did do collectors a favor though. You could technically put all 9 sets (without the headers) into the 9-pocket pages. Then fill up one more page with just the header cards, since there were 9 sets. Maybe that was the plan the entire time ;)