Saturday, January 13, 2018

Five More Goldschmidts

I was going through my scans and discovered another 5 Goldschmidt cards that I hadn't shown on the blog or added to my Goldschmidt list for 2017. With these five, it puts me at 173 new Goldschmidt cards in 2017.

These were from ebay purchases in December.

This was a a four card lot I got for about $10 shipped.

Next up is this 2017 Triple Threads Gold Unity Relic.


  1. nice additions! I liked the black base Museum this year. hard to resist the blue and purple parallels!

  2. Seems like the patch alone would be worth more than $10. Congratulations on the purchase.

    1. To clarify the first 4 cards were in one lot from ebay that I got for about $10. The Triple Threads Gold Unity Relic was just over $20 on it's own.

    2. Oh. That makes much more sense. That patch is insanely awesome.

  3. I really like the look of that Gold Unity relic! Cool pickups!

  4. That triple threads unity patch is a real beaut!