Sunday, April 8, 2018

Blog Bat Around - What I Collect/Want to Collect

I know, I know. I'm a little late to the Blog Bat Around party, but better late than never.

Night Owl inspired a What I Collect Blog Bat Around and I'm going to change it up a bit and include what I collect.


The Diamondbacks are currently in their 20th season, so they don't have the tenure of say the Reds or Yankees, but with the sheer volume of cards produced over the past 20 years and with the limited print run of certain cards, it's not likely that I will be able to ever collect every D-Backs card ever made.

I am trying to get all of the Diamondbacks cards from the Topps base and Update sets, but other than that I don't currently have my D-Backs cards sorted by sets, but it is something I'm toying with. Right now my D-Backs cards are sorted by player, which leads me to my next set of things that I collect.


For my Player Collections I'll break it into two sections; D-Backs and non D-Backs.

Diamondbacks - I collect cards of these players, but only in D-Backs uniforms.

Travis Lee

Luis Gonzalez

Randy Johnson

Brandon Webb

Justin Upton

Paul Goldschmidt

Non D-Backs

Dwight Gooden

Don Mattingly

Dale Murphy

Ken Griffey Jr.

Mike Piazza

Hank Aaron

Thurman Munson

Reggie Jackson

Tim Salmon

Ben Petrick

Don Mossi

Jorge Posada

Bryce Harper

Sets (1981 Topps - current)

I'm working on collecting the Topps base set and Traded/Updates sets from my birth year, 1981 on. So far I've only got twelve sets, so I've got some work to do.


Topps Page-a-Year - one sheet per year starting with 1952

500 Home Run Club Bat Cards

3000 Hit Club Bat Cards

2005 Prime Patches Major League Materials Steve Finley cards

Mini Collections (too many to list)


Multiple Bats

Insert Sets

Fleer Pro Vision

2011 Topps Update All Star Stitches

Upper Deck Baseball Heroes

Donruss Diamond Kings

Donruss Puzzles (borrowed pic from Fuji)

Diamondbacks Bobbleheads

Hall of Fame Rookie Cards


The Yankee Clipper: 1941 Streak set

TTM Autographs

First Night Game at Wrigley Field project

Super Bowl Autograph project

I'm sure there is more that I;m missing, but this is a good start.


  1. Your collecting is as deep as mine. More fun to trade with people who collect to much!

  2. A third Petrick collector out here?

  3. I love the idea of a Topps Page-a-Year. I may steal that.

  4. That's a lot of bobbleheads! I think I can put together a PWE package of some of these. Message me if you're interested in a swap.

  5. Dang... that's a lot of stuff. Love your bobblehead collection! That's straight up impressive.

  6. "A good start" ... hahahahaha!

    I'll add you to the bat-around list when I get a chance!

  7. You have quite a few different collections going on, I like it. That bobblehead collection is pretty sweet!

  8. That's a lot of collecting. Love the bat card projects and I'm assuming the 2011 ASG stitches is because the game was in Arizona. I didn't know you were putting together the 56 streak set. I bought a few of those at the card show bit have them earmarked for someone else. I will definitely keep my eyes out for more next time.