Wednesday, September 5, 2012

yarsellr...anybody heard of it?

I came accross a site called a while back. In my opinion the stuff is way overpriced and you have to pay a yardsellr fee on every purchase, so it's really hard to get a good deal. They do use something called photons which allow you to take money off your purchase though. Someone had given me 1,000,000 photons, which is the equivilent of $10 off, so I made a purchase. It's a 2010 Topps Tribute Aaron Hill Jersey Auto numbered 03/25. I want to say I paid $6.95 total for it.


  1. $7 is a price I would have gladly paid to have that Hill card in my collection!

    Nice pickup!

  2. I got into it on Facebook. I picked up a 2010 Finest Michael Brantley RC autograph letter patch 116/134 for $3.19 ! It's hard to get a good deal, you have to wait until you have a tremendous amount of points and watch for the right time to jump.I hope to post the Brantley card this week-end.