Saturday, October 20, 2012

1992 Topps Micro Team Sets For Sale

I have a 1992 Topps Micro Factory Set that I am going to break up and sell by team. I've got the teams listed below. The price includes shipping. If the card is of more than one player, like the top prospects cards below, I'm going to include it with the team of the most prominent player, so the card below would go to the Braves. I will include the Record Breaker subset cards and the All-Star cards. The Mariners will not be for sale because I'm keeping them as a Griffey collector. There were 12 Gold parallels that came with the set. Again, I'm keeping the Griffey. The others will be included with the team sets. I took a look on eBay and the team sets there are priced between $5 - $9 each shipped without the Gold parallel cards, so hopefully these are a good deal.If you want more than 1 team then you can take off $0.50 for each additional team. Let me know if you're interested.

In case you're not familiar with Topps "micro" cards, I scanned 4 of them next to 2012 Topps Heritage card so you could see the difference.

American League
Baltimore Orioles - $3.50
Boston Red Sox - $5 - inludes Wade Boggs gold parallel card
Cleveland Indians - $3
Detroit Tigers - $4 - includes Cecil Fielder gold parallel card
Milwaukee Brewers - $3
New York Yankees - $5 - includes Don Mattingly gold parallel card
Toronto Blue Jays - $3
California Angels - $3
Chicago White Sox - $3.50
Kansas City Royals - $3
Minnesota Twins - $3.50
Oakland A's - $5.50 - includes Jose Canseco and Rickey henderson gold parallel cards
Texas Rangers - $5.50 - includes Nolan Ryan and Ruben Sierra gold parallel cards

National League
Chicago Cubs - $4.50 - includes Andre Dawson gold parallel card
Montreal Expos - $2.50
New York Mets - $4.50 - includes Doc Gooden gold parallel card
Philidelphia Phillies - $3
Pittsburgh Pirates - $5 - includes Barry Bonds gold parallel card
St. Louis Cardinals - $3.50
Atlanta Braves - $4
Cinncinatti Reds - $3
Houston Astros - $3
Los Angeles Dodgers - $3.50
San Diego Padres - $5 - includes Tony Gwynn gold parallel card
San Fransisco Giants - $3.50


  1. I will take the Indians. I have the 1991 set but not 1992 or 93.

  2. I have the 1991 & 1993 sets... just need the 1992 to wrap things up. Best of luck on selling your sets.