Monday, October 22, 2012

State of the Blog

I didn't post yesterday. I had posted on my blog at least once a day since January 1st of this year. I didn't start the year off with a goal of posting every day, but it just happened and then a few months in, I didn't want to break the streak. It's not that I didn't have something to post about yesterday, because I did. It's because I got busy and forgot. But maybe it was for the best. I had already been thinking about only posting once a week. I think a weekly recap would be nice. I'm at a point now where I have a limited amount of time and funds to pursue hobbies, and so I felt like some of my posts were not up to my standards. I want to make sure that their is substance to my posts and that people enjoy them. I'm not sure that my post a day strategy was accomplishing those goals. So I'm going to try a weekly recap for the rest of the year and see how it goes. I will still read and comment on others blogs as often as possible, but I want to try a weekly recap post for my blog in an effort to stay relevant and interesting.

Oh, by the way, here is what I was going to post about yesterday. I got this in last week. I got it for $13.15 shipped. If you recall I picked up the version numbered to 99 a week or so ago. I got this one for my son for Christmas, but I don't really like the green. I think I might put it up on eBay and try to get another one numbered out of 99, because I like the colors better.


  1. No big deal missing a few days here and there. Heck today was my 4 year anniversary as a blog and instead of writing a post I'm commenting on yours.

  2. I feel bad missing a day here and there, sometimes I just have things on my mind, or a rant...that is why I love to blog! We will be here to read whenever you post!