Friday, October 12, 2012


Jack, aka Baseball Dad, of the blog ALL TRIBE BASEBALL sent me a package today. It contained 1 Dan Wilson card and 68 Tim Salmon cards. That's right, 68 Tim Salmon cards and as far as I can tell there is only one double!

Back in May, my wife spilled a glass of water on our computer desk and some of my cards got ruined. One of the stacks of cards that I lost were some Tim Salmon cards. I have always been a fan of Salmon since we went to the same high school, but I had never really had a Tim Salmon collection. Well, now I do. Thanks Jack!

I had a blast going through the cards. I thought about showing off all the cards, but I decided to post my 10 favorite.  So here we go, in no particular order. Thanks again Jack!

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  1. Gold mine! Boy that'll get you player collection up to date pretty quick. Nice haul.