Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mascot Bobble

One of the local grocery stores here in Arizona, Fry's, runs a promotion with the Diamondbacks where if you buy certain products you get D-Backs Rewards points. You can then use your points for various D-Backs related items (tickets, autographed items, shirts, hats, etc.) For some reason we never really accumulate very many points, but I was able to get this Baxter Mascot Bobble through the promotion. Shipping was free and I got it within about a week, so that was nice. I'll add it to my D-Backs bobblehead shelf.


  1. That is a pretty awesome promotion. Wish we had grocery stores around here that had the same idea.

    Nice score!

  2. Cool. Those are like $36 in the team shop.


  3. We always shop at Fry's and I ended up with enough for two of these. They are both going to end up under the Christmas tree this winter.