Friday, July 11, 2014

Anyone else have a desk that looks like this?

The weekend is off to a fantastic start! Miguel Montero was chosen as an All-Star as a replacement since Yadier Molina is injured. Hey, I'll take it! 

I got two awesome packages in the mail today from two awesome bloggers! Posts to come sometime this weekend! Thanks Adam (My Cardboard Mistress) and Douglas (Sportscards from the Dollar Store)! 

My wife is off to Scottsdale for a girls weekend and so I've got the weekend to myself. Well sort of. I'll be watching my three boys all weekend, but I do have a buddy staying over so it should be fun.

I do have some goals for the weekend though. You can see what my desk looks like currently. It's not pretty. I want to get it organized and cleaned up this weekend. Getting organized may require a trip to my LCS. The purpose of me posting these pictures is to help motivate me to get it done.

Here's a different angle. I'll send something out to the first person that can correctly identify the show I was watching when I took the picture as well as the poster in the upper right hand corner of the picture below. You have until I post an "after" picture. I'm not sure when that might be. It probably won't be tonight, but it might be tomorrow or Sunday. Good luck!


  1. I wish I only had a desk like that. I've got a room plus that's out of order. Best of luck.

    1. The whole room is like this, but I thought I would just start with the desk.

  2. That's my desk usually. That poster is Prison Break. On the 'puter....? Looks like Sean Astin.

  3. I have a desk, a bookshelf, AND a spot on the floor that looks like that.

  4. Yup! Looks a whole lot like my desk. My wife actually gave me an office cleaning for my birthday. It needed it so badly ... but now i let it go again. D'oh!

  5. I have a dresser that looks like that, though I do usually have cards laying around my computer.

  6. Oh hell yeah does my desk look like that. Seeing this post made me feel a lot better about my desk today, strictly because I know I'm not alone in the world of cardboard clutter.

    Loved Prison Break BTW, one of the few Fox shows that I've watched the entire series...

  7. Close, but we don't have Carl's, Jr. in New Orleans...

  8. Oh yeah...looks like my desk. Except I may not be able to find my keyboard....