Tuesday, July 8, 2014

D-Backs vs. Marlins 7/7/14 Recap: Hall of Fame Auto

My oldest son, Kolby, and I went to the D-Backs game last night. The D-Backs beat the Marlins 9-1. Here is a link for a video recap of the game. At 0:15 you can see my son stick his glove out over the fence. At 0:17 you can see me pounding on the top of the outfield wall, excited that Ozuna lost track of the ball.

Before the game we went to watch the D-Backs take batting practice and try to get some autographs. We were able to get Martin Prado, Tony LaRussa, and Luis Gonzalez.

After the D-Backs finished batting we went over to a spot near the D-Backs dugout to wait for players to come out. This was when the Marlins were taking batting practice. While there I looked over and a ball was rolling right towards us. It wasn't hit though. it was thrown. I didn't see who had thrown it, but my son said it was Giancarlo Stanton. I reached over the railing and grabbed it. 

Miguel Montero came out and signed autographs before heading over to the out the outfield to warm up with the pitcher. While he was signing our cards, my son asked him if he could have the ball when he and Chase Anderson were done warming up. He told us to go over by the bullpen. So we did and after waiting for them to finish warming up he tossed the ball to Kolby.

After the game, we went over to the D-Backs dugout and Kolby got another baseball. So it was a great night!


  1. Great story -- Kolby will not forget these nights!

  2. What a great day! Your son will remember it forever.

  3. Sounds like a fun time at the ballpark, for sure.