Thursday, July 3, 2014

Card Shop Pick-Up: Hank, ur I mean Tommie Aaron Rookie Card

I picked up this 1963 Topps Tommie Aaron RC from my LCS yesterday for $1. It's got one of the 50th Anniversary stamp on it. I didn't realize it was his rookie card until I got home. I just thought it was cool to get a card of the brother of Hank Aaron.

What do you think about the cards that Topps stamped and re-issued? Love em or leave em?


  1. I think they are interesting, but it's tough to "chase" these. Who knows how many were stamped and reissued, which ones, etc.?

  2. I wouldn't mind getting one in a pack but dollar for dollar I'd just as soon have an unstamped one. I don't think the stamp add anything.