Tuesday, July 22, 2014

IP Autograph Recap: Diamondbacks vs. Tigers 7/22/14

I took my 6 year old to the Diamondbacks vs. Tigers game last night. It was the first time that he and I had ever just gone to a game. We've gone as a family before and I've taken him and his older brother, but this was the first time that it was just he and I. I've tried to get him to go with me before, but he's always decided he didn't want to go at the last minute and let his older brother go.

We had a great time and even stayed for the entire game (his choice)! We had really nice seats, 30 rows up behind home plate. I told my son I would buy him a giant cookie and so from the time we sat in our seats he was on the lookout for the cookie guy. My son picked a double chocolate cookie, which wasn't my choice, but he was happy. We stayed there until the 4th inning and then went to the batting area on the upper level. We came back to our seats and enjoyed the rest of the game, even if the D-Backs did lose 4-3.

We got to the stadium about 45 minutes before game time and went to our usual spot to try to get autographs.

Luis Gonzalez came over and signed for a bunch of people about 15 minutes before the game started. he was on the field with a group that was going to be recognized. He's great! My older son and I got him a couple weeks ago. luckily I had a few additional cards for him to sign.

A few players came over to sign in between the National Anthem and the game. We were able to get Aaron Hill, Martin Prado, and Gerardo Parra. Trumbo and Goldschmidt both signed for a little bit as well, but we weren't able to get them.

Aaron Hill was the first to come over and he signed these two cards for us nicely.

Martin Prado was next. As I was adding these to this post I realized these are the same two cards that my older son and I got signed at the game we went to on July 7th. He doesn't have a ton of D-Backs cards so I guess it's not to weird. 

Gerardo Parra was the last player we got and we were the last to get him. He was using someone else's black sharpie and signing very fast. You can see how different his signatures are on the two cards. If I remember correctly, he signed the 2010 Topps then signed something for someone else and then signed the 2012 Topps card for my son and then headed into the dugout. 

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  1. Some of my best memories of my dad are being at Shea Stadium watching the Mets as a kid. Even got a Strawberry foul ball. Glad you both enjoyed the game an time together. Shoot me an email kgilland01 at gmail dot com. I have some Diamondback cards to trade.