Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sunday Best: 2013 Triple Threads Paul Goldschmidt Patch Auto 2/10

Sunday Best will be a new blog feature where I will showcase some of the best items in my collection!

I got this card in this week from ebay. The price? $8.99 shipped. You read that correctly. I didn't forget to add a number. $8.99 with free shipping was the Buy-It-Now price!

I couldn't believe it when I saw the price and was fumbling on my phone to purchase it as quickly as possible. Then I played the waiting game, wondering if I was actually going to get it. I thought the seller was going to cancel the order or I'd get the package and it would be empty or something like that.

I was extremely excited when it arrived safe and sound. Even with the sticker auto it's one of my favorite Goldschmidt cards!

What is the best deal you've ever gotten on ebay?


  1. what a steal! congrats! years ago, I won a nm 61 fleer Gehrig, misspelled, for less than $10 shipped.

  2. Holy Cow!! Nice! Glad it came through

  3. Holy Cow!! Nice! Glad it came through

  4. That is an insane price, congrats on a great pickup.

  5. Woah! What a freakin sweet steal!

  6. That's an incredible deal my friend.