Sunday, February 7, 2016

One of these things is not like the others! Package from Night Owl and a CONTEST

Greg, from the blog Night Owl Cards, sent me a trade package a week or so ago. He included a note.

After reading his note I immediately thought about Sesame Street.

So here's the cards from Greg, in a Sesame Street inspired "one of these things is not like the others" post. Play along if you'd like.

Let's start with an easy one.

Pretty simple, right? 3 cards were from 2008 Upper Deck Documentary and one was not.

There are 4 groups of 4 left. Correctly identify the similarities vs. the difference for the 4 remaining groups in the comments section and you'll be entered into a drawing for a prize. The prize will be a PWE of cards from an NFL team (it is Super Bowl Sunday, after all) of your choice, so please let me know what team that will be in the comment section as well. 

Keep in mind that you may identify similarities and differences, but they ones you identify need to be the ones that I have in mind to qualify for the contest. I'll let the contest run for a couple of days and will post the answers and the winner, which will signify the end of the contest. 





Here are a few other cards that really stood out, although the last one is the one that Night Owl was referring to in his note. Thanks Greg for a great package and for inspiring a contest!

Love the older Topps Chrome colored refractors and x-fractors!

Here are a couple of Paul Goldschmidt cards that Greg included. Very happy to add these to my collection! 

This 1967 Topps Pitt Power card featuring Willie Stargell and Donn Clendenon. I love vintage and this is a great card! Willie Stargell had a Hall of Fame career. Clendenon has a nice career, but I have a feeling that playing in a collared shirt didn't help him. 


  1. Tricky: The first 3 can go 2 different ways each. I'll label them as such.

    pic 1) 3 bats and 1 no bat, guess two would be obviously 3 base cards 1 parallel.

    pic2) 3 Logos (printed by Mfg), 1 no logo printed, guess two obvious 3 Topps 1 Donruss.

    pic3) 3 gloves on card 1 no glove, guess 2 3 regular size cards 1 mini.

    pic4) 3 righties 1 lefty.

  2. Great cameo of Trout. Nice Stargell too.

  3. Toughies:

    1. Montero is the only Chorme card.
    2. Delgado is the only pitcher
    3. De La Roza is the only mini
    4. Big Unit is the only Hall of Famer

    Collect the Bills or any card from '77 Topps.

  4. 1)Montero - only one fielding
    2)Kata - Donruss not Topps
    3)De La Rosa - only mini
    4)Kennedy - not an alternate uniform

    Thanks for the contest. If I win I collect Steelers.

  5. Thanks for the contest!

    1. Montero's the only vertical card.
    2. Kata's the only rookie.
    3. Young's the only one with a bat.
    4. Johnson's the only lefty.

    Bears would be my choice.

  6. 1. Montero is the only vertical card
    2. Montero has the only cameo
    3. Lamb is the only card with the ball visible.
    4. Batista is the only full-bleed card.

    Broncos (and yes, I was already a Broncos fan).

  7. I'll forego the contest... and skip to that Pitt Power card. Love those vintage combo cards from the 60's. Just wish they had included Clemente too.