Monday, February 15, 2016

Trade with Drew's Hot Corner

I am way behind on posting. I've got several trades, a care package, eBay purchases, ttms, contest wins, pack recaps, 2016 Topps, and card shop recaps that I need to post about.

I've been very busy. I'll leave it at that so I can just get to a post. I want to do the trades and care package first because I feel really bad already that I haven't done these posts already and let those bloggers know how much I appreciate it.

Let's start with a package from Drew of the blog, Drew's Hot Corner, which was previously Drew's Cards, as indicated by his card that he sent along.

Drew is a big Yankees fan and so I sent him some cards for his collection recently. Drew is currently traveling around Europe, but is still posting on his blog. He sent this package just days before he embarked on his journey. Thank you Drew! I'm sure you were really busy trying to get everything ready and you didn't need to send anything.

Drew sent some sweet D-Backs cards my way and even included a Matt Leinart parallel numbered to 250 that I didn't scan. Thanks again Drew and if you read this, I wish you all the best in your journey!

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