Monday, February 29, 2016

Vintage Cardboard

I went to my LCS a few weeks back and picked up a few well-loved vintage cards from the Dime and Quarter boxes.

I don't think I'd ever heard of Jim Golden before, but the photo alone was worth a dime in my opinion, so I bought it. A quick Google search for Jim Golden revealed a Wikipedia page for Jim Golden with only two sentences and a few career statistics. Anyone know anything else about Golden?

I love the old combo cards and this Young Hill Stars card is no exception. 

I paid a quarter for this 1960 Topps Rookie Card of Frank Howard. Not sure why a previous owner punched holes in it, but for a quarter I can live with it until I get an upgrade.

I also paid a quarter for this 1960 Topps Earl Wilson RC and given the condition (not great, but no holes) it is my favorite of this small batch. Wilson was a good pitcher and was the first African American pitcher on the Red Sox, debuting just one week after Pumpsie Green, who was the first African American player to wear a Red Sox uniform at the big league level.

Wilson pitched a no-hitter in 1962 and also homered in that game, which is somewhat surprising except that Wilson hit 35 home runs in his career, so it wasn't all that unusual for him. He was traded to the Detroit Tigers in 1966 and led the league in wins in 1967 and was a World Champion with the Tigers when they won it all in 1968.

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