Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trade with The Chronicles of Fuji

I sent Fuji, of the blog The Chronicles of Fuji, a package as part of a contest I held as well as soon cards that I had been setting aside for him for a while.

He sent back an awesome package in return! Thanks Fuji!

First up are a couple of Anthony Meo autographs. One is MLB licensed and one is not.

Here is a cool card of former D-Back Augie Ojeda featuring him as part o USA baseball. Augie was a fan favorite here in Arizona and must still live in Arizona because he's often at team functions. 

This Brandon Webb card is awesome! I love adding relics and autos of Webb to my collection that I didn't already have. This is my 297th different Brandon Webb card.
The next two I already have, but with 3 boys they will be put to very good use.

This Miguel Montero Ultra RC auto is not a double, but my oldest is begging me to trade him for it. He is a huge Montero fan. I'm sure that it will end up in his collection.

This was the best card in my opinion. How cool is it that he has his own custom Topps card and I got an on card auto version. Thanks Fuji!


  1. Augie Ojeda was a fan favorite here in Chicago too. It's hard not to root for a scrappy guy like him.

  2. Glad the cards arrived safely. Sorry the signature on my card bubbled. I guess the good news is... you were one of the first to receive them. I'm pretty sure after yours, I started wiping them down.