Sunday, April 2, 2017

2017 Topps Opening Day - Let's Trade!

I bought a box of 2017 Topps Opening day a week or two ago.

I had hopes of pulling something nice even though deep down I know the odds were not in my favor.

There are relics, autos, variation short prints, tough inserts, numbered parallels, and printing plates in Opening Day, so it could happen, right?


I didn't pull anything out of the ordinary, but I did get the entire 200 card base set and there are a couple of insert sets that I'd like to try to complete, so it wasn't that bad.

I'm going to save my Mascots and the Incredible Eats cards. Let me know if you have any that I need that you'd be willing to trade.


M-1 Paws, Detroit Tigers
M-2 Billy the Marlin, Miami Marlins
M-3 Rally Monkey, Los Angeles Angels
M-4 Mr. Red, Cincinnati Reds
M-5 Mr. Met, New York Mets
M-6 TC Bear, Minnesota Twins
M-7 Braves Mascot, Atlanta Braves
M-8 Slider, Cleveland Indians
M-9 Dinger, Colorado Rockies
M-10 Royals Mascot, Kansas City Royals
M-11 Phillie Phanatic, Philadelphia Phillies
M-12 Pirate Parrot, Pittsburgh Pirates
M-13 Swinging Friar, San Diego Padres
M-14 Mariner Moose, Seattle Mariners
M-15 Fredbird, St. Louis Cardinals
M-16 White Sox Mascot, Chicago White Sox
M-17 Athletics Mascot, Oakland Athletics
M-18 Raymond, Tampa Bay Rays
M-19 Rangers Captain, Texas Rangers
M-20 Blue Jays Mascot, Toronto Blue Jays
M-21 Hank the Ballpark Pup, Milwaukee Brewers
M-22 Orbit, Houston Astros
M-23 Clark, Chicago Cubs
M-24 Wally the Green Monster, Boston Red Sox
M-25 Brewers Mascot, Milwaukee Brewers

Incredible Eats

IE-1 Italian Sausage, Boston Red Sox
IE-2 Peanuts, Milwaukee Brewers
IE-3 Fresh Popcorn, Atlanta Braves
IE-4 South Philly Dog, Philadelphia Phillies
IE-5 Cheesy Corn Brisket-acho, Kansas City Royals
IE-6 Chicken and Waffle Cone, Houston Astros
IE-7 Classic Pastrami, New York Mets
IE-8 Foot-Long Hot Dog, Colorado Rockies
IE-9 Nacho Bowl, Milwaukee Brewers
IE-10 Soft Pretzels, New York Yankees
IE-11 Cotton Candy, Boston Red Sox
IE-12 Corn on a Stick, Washington Nationals
IE-13 Hot Dogs & Onions, Chicago Cubs
IE-14 Broomstick Hot Dog, Texas Rangers
IE-15 Bacon Mac & Cheese, Texas Rangers
IE-16 Kayem Fenway Frank, Boston Red Sox
IE-17 Cracker Jack & Mac Dog, Pittsburgh Pirates
IE-18 Buffalo Cauliflower Poutine, Toronto Blue Jays

Pretty much everything else is up for grabs. Hoping to trade for any D-Backs inserts (I did pull the Diamondbacks Opening Day insert) from the set as well as any of the Mascot and Incredible Eats cards I still need.


  1. Can you send the Celebrations card of Addison Russell my way? I'll gladly send some Dbacks in return and/or possibly some OD insert needs. (FWIW, I already have the Rizzo, but if you can't find another taker, then I'd gladly take a second copy.)