Monday, April 17, 2017

Goldschmidt cards from CMMDTO

As a Diamondbacks collector and specifically a collector of Paul Goldschmidt, I often get Goldy cards as part of packages.

So when Jared, of the blog Cards My Mom Didn't Throw Out (CMMDTO) sent me and my boys a package filled with D-Backs cards it wasn't a surprise to find some Goldschmidt cards.

The surprise was that Jared sent 22 Goldschmidt cards. But an even bigger surprise was that of the 22, I needed 11 of them.

Note that I emphasized the word package. I did that because Jared didn't send a bubble mailer, he sent a box of awesome D-Backs. The Goldschmidt cards were only part of the goodness that was found inside the package.

With these 11 Goldschmidt cards I moved past my goal of adding 50 new Goldschmidt cards to my collection this year and have 271 different Goldschmidt cards.

Thank you Jared!