Sunday, April 23, 2017

3-3 with 4 walks

Trivia Question: Has any MLB player ever had 3 hits and 3 intentional walks in one game?

Answer: Yes, Paul Goldschmidt on May 31, 2015.

The back of this 2016 Topps Triple Threads cards tells us Goldy also had a fourth walk as well. So he went 3-3 with 4 walks. 

This awesome Goldschmidt numbered out of 18 came to me courtesy of Robert, of the blog $30 a week habit for winning his recent contest. 

It was really more of a giveaway rather than a contest. He gave away 5 cards to everyone that commented with the only stipulation being that you write a 100 word post about the cards (which was harder than it sounds) and then he picked two winners from everyone who participated. I was one of those winners.

He also sent me this Rubby DeLaRosa 2017 Topps card as well, which is awesome because I need 1 for my D-Backs team sets and 1 for my 2017 Topps set and Rubby is a great ttm signer as well. 

Thank you Robert! Please make sure you are following $30 a week habit. Robert is at 199 followers, so it would be great to get him over 200!


  1. That's a cool feat to showcase on cardboard!

  2. Very cool card. I knew that about Goldy already. You'll find out why when you get your mail tomorrow.

    1. Blown away by the cards you sent! Really funny that it was the same card (different color jersey swatches though)!

  3. I loved that Goldy card when I saw it on COMC and knew that I had to send it your way. Glad it got there and it's part of your PC!!