Sunday, June 4, 2017

1953 Topps

I picked up two 1953 Topps cards for my Topps Page-A-Year binder yesterday at my LCS.

The condition is rough and they aren't the biggest names in the set, but they are certainly recognizable.

"The Little Professor", as Dom was known, never reached the elite status of his older brother, Joe, but the 7 time All-Star enjoyed a great career with the Red Sox

Virgil "Fire" Trucks had a very nice Major League career and was a terrific ttm signer before he passed away. Virgil pitched two no-hitters in 1952 for the Tigers and won 20 games in 1953 with the Browns.

As you can see, both cards are not in great condition by any means, but at less than $3 apiece I had to pick them up for my binder.