Monday, June 26, 2017

Binder 1 of 19 (1981 Topps)

Yesterday I posted a picture of my card show haul from this past Saturday. Among the loot were 19 binders.

I plan on going through each one and posting about it's contents,

First up is a binder of 1981 Topps cards.

The cards are all sorted by team. The best card in the entire binder was this Harold Baines RC.

Now, when I say best, I mean there were no other star cards in the entire binder. I'm not sure how this one made it through.

Out of the 374 cards in the binder, the Baines card is literally the only card of note. But the 374 cards does give me just over 50% of the 726 card set.

I found it interesting that there were no League Leader, 3 player Rookie Cards, checklists, Record Breakers, All-Stars, Play-Offs or World Series cards, or Team Checklists in the entire binder.

I'm trying to get a complete run of Topps cards from 1981 on, so this is a nice start to the set. I have a feeling though that it would be cheaper for me to just buy a complete set rather than try to add all the star cards to this one.

I did enjoy going through the binder though and I learned a few things.

I had no idea that Eddie Murray had a brother who played professional baseball.

What are your thoughts on 1981 Topps?

I paid $20 for the entire lot, which included the 19 binders and 5 boxed sets. Since it breaks down to less than $1 per item, how do you think I did with this binder?


  1. I'd say 374 pre-junk-wax cards for under a dollar is always a good deal. Heck, I'd pay a buck just for the sheets!

  2. I's buy the binder or a buck, so I think you're off to a good start. Plus, I love building sets and part of the fun is chasing down the stars while trying to be frugal about it.

  3. Nice pickup. Hard to beat a buck a binder. On the flip side... I've been on the other side of that $20 bill. That guy probably feels so relieved to have a light piece of paper in exchange for all of those binders that his wife has been nagging him about that's been cluttering up his garage. Lol. Sometimes it's just a relief to unload stuff. Hope you find some cool stuff in those binders. Worst case scenario... you've got a ton of starter sets and binders w/pages. That alone is worth a $100+.