Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Binder 2 of 19 (1981 Donruss)

The picture above is of one of the binders from my recent card show purchase. 12 of the 19 binders were this binder. I like this binders. I wish they had a d-ring inside, but they don't. None of the cards appear damaged from it, so I'll probably keep them around.

Anyone seen these binders before? Just curious where they might have come from.

My second binder contained 328, 1981 Donruss cards. I did notice a few doubles, but not many. The set has 605 cards, so even with a few doubles I should be right around half way there to completing it.

Once again the binder was void of any star cards. The lone card of note was a Mookie Wilson RC.

1981 Donruss is known for having a lot of error cards from it's original printing, which were corrected later on. I believe that the cards in this binder are from the first printing because I found several different error cards. Nothing of any value, but interesting none the less.

Here's a reverse negative photo of Buck Martinez.

The back of this Del Unser card is missing "3B" from the stats header.

One other thing I noticed about 1981 Donruss was that they made no attempt at photo shopping uniforms like Topps and routinely featured players in uniforms other than that of the team name featured on the front of the card.

What are your thoughts on 1981 Donruss?

How do you think I did with this binder? Again not much in my opinion, but for less than a buck I think I did alright.


  1. I actually like 1981 Donruss quite a bit... simple yet effective design. I love, love, love that there's no photoshopping. It wouldn't pass today's standards, but seeing Jim Essian in an A's uniform on a White Sox card tells you something before flipping over the card.

  2. If the Bob Walk is in there you can retire early!

  3. 81D was one of the first baseball products I ever busted (along with 81T). One of my favorite cards is the Hrabosky. Back in the day, we thought it was this super rare error card, because he has a purple border, while all of the other Braves had a light blue border.

  4. I liked the '82 and '83 Donruss sets better, but the '81 set was a nice surprise when I discovered it on the grocery shelves all those years ago.