Thursday, June 29, 2017

Binder 4 of 19 (1983 Donruss and 1983 Donruss Hall of Heroes)

This is the 4th binder that I've featured and so far it is the best in my opinion.

It contained a bunch of 1983 Donruss cards; including this Howard Johnson RC.

So far each binder has had a least one minor star RC. 

Not much else from the base set except for these 13 Ty Cobb puzzle cards that with...the actual puzzle.

Super happy to add this puzzle to my collection!

But that's not all the binder had in store. Next up is a complete set of 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes.

This is an absolutely beautiful set and I was shocked to find it in the binder since most of the binders are completely void of anything resembling a star player.

Also included was the Mickey Mantle puzzle from the 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes set.

Like I said earlier, in my opinion this is the best binder so far and it may end up being the best binder of the lot. 

Again I paid $20 for all 19 binders and 5 boxed sets, so I think I got a great deal, but finding stuff like this makes it even better.

Let me know what you think of 1983 Donruss and the 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes set.


  1. '83 Donruss was okay, but the Hall of Fame Heroes set is a home run in my book.

  2. This is awesome...I don't remember the Ty Cobb cards and puzzle... I'm gonna have to get each card, the puzzle, and the Gehringer and Kaline cards... GREAT JOB!

  3. 1983 Donruss was the first card set of more than 300 cards that I bought. I got it for between $18 and $20 from my LCS circa 1985? Maybe as early as '84. I debated about which of the three 83 sets to get, at the time all three were affordable at about $20-$30 and I didn't want them to get too far out of my price range as sets from just a few years before were doing. Topps, Fleer or Donruss. Donruss won out due to the puzzle. I recall upon opening the box with every 20-50 or however many cards were in those paper bands like they bundle money in. If I recall correctly each bundle had the Ty Cobb "puzzle" card at the front. Maybe the puzzle pieces were at the front or back of bundles as well, or just plain by themselves. Heck it's been 30some years since I first unpacked the box.

  4. 83D is okay. I think I prefer the 82 design a little more though. As for the 83D HOF Heroes... that's a great set.

  5. Love the 1983 Donruss Hall of Fame Heroes. And Mantle puzzle.