Friday, March 23, 2018

I'd like to buy a vowel please.

I'm a member of several different baseball card Facebook groups and a month or so ago somebody posted this 2012 Topps Justin Upton Letter Patch card for sale. We were able to work out a deal.

Justin Upton was with the Diamondbacks from 2007 - 2012 and I collected him heavily during that time. After leaving the Diamondbacks, J-Up spent time with the Braves, Padres, Tigers, and is now with the Angels. He puts up decent numbers, but with his transient nature, I just don't think he has the collecting power that he once had.

I think this is probably the first Justin Upton card I've bought since he left the D-Backs. I don't foresee me buying anymore Upton cards anytime soon, in fact I'm looking to unload some autos, relic, and numbered cards if anyone has any interest.


  1. Great card. I totally understand how you feel. These days I don't really go out of my way to buy any Oakland Athletics or San Diego Padres players unless they're guys I loved back in the day... or they're hall of famers. I honestly can't think of one current player on either team that I'll be actively trying to pick up a relic or autograph for.

  2. I'd potentially pick up an auto if you have one with him featured as a Brave.

  3. Awesome card! I feel the same way about a lot of former Buccos. I don't really seek any Jason Bay Red Sox, Neil Walker Mets, or Andy Van Slyke Orioles cards for those same reasons. I enjoyed them all with the Pirates, but after they left I no longer had interest in collecting them.

    Cutch and Charlie Morton are the exception for me.