Sunday, March 18, 2018

Why Topps? Why?

I picked up this 2018 Topps Postseason Performance Autograph Relic of Paul Goldschmidt on eBay recently. I bought it knowing that the "game-used memorabilia item is not from the 2017 postseason". I also bought it knowing that the autograph is on a sticker.

Just because I bought it knowing its flaws, doesn't mean that I like it. I've seen multiple Postseason Performance Relic cards and Postseason Performance Autograph Relic cards of Paul Goldschmidt and almost all of them have a purple pinstripe through the jersey, so I picked this one specifically because it didn't have a pinstripe and so I can pretend that the jersey matches the jersey in the picture.

But why should I have to pretend? I get that postseason jerseys are probably hard to come by, by why make the set if you can't get them. How about using baseballs or a base, something that they could actually get and it would be from the postseason?

I paid decent money for this card, but had it featured a ball or base from the postseason I would certainly have paid double. If it contained a piece of jersey or bat that was used in the postseason I would have paid triple or more. I know some people might not think that Topps cares much about the after market price I'm willing to pay, but I think they have to care about that because it would help determine the price they could charge for boxes.

What are your thoughts on cards like this?


  1. First, one of my pet peeves with jersey cards is when the jersey swatch doesn't match the uniform the player is wearing on the card. So, I can totally see why you picked a card without a pinstripe in this case. Nice move.
    Second, I totally agree. Stick-o-graphs are bad enough, but they should definitely use a relic FROM the postseason.

  2. I agree with you on all accounts. I'm not sure if Topps purchased the Wild card game jersey or not, but I know they had a McCutchen postseason jersey from 2013 and I would see parts of the patch show up in cards produced in 2015. The jersey matching the uniform on the card has recently become more important to me.

  3. The Postseason/World Series relics really annoy me. That can be very misleading for novice collectors, but at least the disclaimer is printed on the front now. I had thought about buying some from the 2013 Red Sox - but why pay a premium for a non-specific swatch?

  4. I agree 100%. It's sloppy (or lazy) on their part.

  5. It's beyond laziness/sloppiness, it's plain false advertising, despite the disclaimer they put on the back.

  6. agreed fully with all comments here. what was once a great idea, most "relics" have lost any sense of being special when they can be had so cheaply. I just picked up a $2 Sandberg with stripe which did match the picture. this is wrong! (Of course I didn't demand a higher price tag. this gal isn't dumb.)