Thursday, March 22, 2018

Twitter Trade

Have you ever had someone ask you if you're interested in a card and in your mind you're like "Sweet! That's awesome! I would do anything to have that card." but you try to play it cool and are like, "Yeah, I'll see if I can find something to trade."?

Marcus, of the blog All the way to the backstop, reached out to me on Twitter and asked if I'd be interested in this card. Marcus isn't as active on his blog as he has been in the past, but he's active on Twitter.

Marcus pulled it from 2018 Heritage and luckily I was able to find something that he wanted in return.

Marcus sent some other great D-Backs cards as well including three 2018 Heritage base cards one of which is this JD Martinez card that completes the base set that I got from Julie in the mail the same day.

Here are a couple of Inception cards including a numbered Yasmany Tomas and a green parallel of A.J. Pollock.

Speaking of A.J. Pollock. 

In addition to the 2018 Topps Pollock, Marcus also included a couple others D-Backs cards. Thanks Marcus!

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  1. I know some collectors aren't excited about plain swatch jersey cards anymore, but I've gotta admit... if I ever bought a box of Heritage... one of the things I'd be looking to see is which Clubhouse Collection I pulled. In fact, I'll still pick up a Clubhouse Collection relic off of COMC every now and then.