Thursday, March 7, 2013

Perfect ending to a not so perfect day!

My plan tonight was to head over to Scottsdale for an Oakley autograph signing featuring Dexter Fowler and Michael Cuddyer. One of my sons had baseball practice, but we had to leave a little early because I needed to watch the other kids so my wife could go to a Team Mom meeting. The plan was to load up my three boys and head over to Scottsdale for the signing while my wife went to the meeting.

When we pulled up to our house and got our of the van I could hear a loud hissing noise. There was a huge screw in on of the tires and it was going flat in a hurry. My wife had leave, so she took our car, but that left me at home with three boys, one of which is still a baby and no way to get to the signing. Worse is that after I put the baby to bed I tried to change the tire, but didn't have any luck doing so in the dark so I get to put a spare on after I get home from work tomorrow and try to make it to the tire shop before they close.

Needless to say, I was not very happy. My wife, being the awesome wife that she is, knew how disappointed I was, so she stopped on her way home from the meeting and picked me up some baseball cup cakes and a rack pack of 2013 Topps from Target. We all sat down to eat a cup cake and then I opened the pack, not really expecting too much. In the top portion of the rack pack I was surprised to find this:

We all know how rare hits are in Retail, so this was rather surprising! 1:380 packs surprising! I got Santana to sign a card earlier this year at Spring Training, but I didn't prep the card well and so the signature turned out bad. This autograph is on a sticker, but it is just really clean and crisp. This is easily my best pull this year so far! It was really nice to pull this after missing out on the Fowler and Cuddyer signing. The pack had a few other nice cards.

Adam Greenberg RC - Great story from last season and I've been wanting this card so it was cool to finally get one!

I also got the base and red parallel of the Matt Holiday NL Wild Card game card, which I thought was interesting!

And last, but not least, an insert card of my all-time favorite player, Ken Griffey Jr.!

So a big "Thank you!" to my wonderful wife for helping cheer me up!


  1. Awesome ending to a rough day. Santana is a pretty sweet auto.

  2. That's a solid autograph for one pack especially! He might have a pretty big year this year! Nice!

  3. Sucks you had a rough afternoon but that Santana is pretty rad.