Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Training Autograph Success: Cleveland Indians

The Indians played the Diamondbacks in a night yesterday. I took my boys over to the Indians practice fields before the game. We got there a little late a some players had already gone in, but we were able to Michael Bourn (who we hadn't gotten before) and Jason Giambi.

As you can tell, my Sharpie wasn't working very well, so I was glad he used someone else's black sharpie to sign the other card.


  1. you're racking up on Giambi's...nice haul!

  2. Sweet stuff! I've yet to add a Giambi autograph to my Yankees collection, but I definitely plan to eventually!

  3. Michael Bourn?!! you are so lucky one of my favorite players...Love your spring training auto's i got to get me to spring training. Checkout my blog