Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Training Autograph Success: Arizona Diamondbacks plus a former Phoenix Suns player

Like I said in my last post, the Indians played the Diamondbacks in a night game yesterday out in Goodyear. my family had tickets to the game so my boys and I went to the Stadium early and got a nice spot to get D-Backs autographs. There were quit a few players that signed, but I didn't have cards for all of them, but we got a few good ones.

Kubel was the first player to come over. We only had one card for him to sign because we got him a few weeks ago.

Cliff Pennington came over and signed as well. This guy next to me was kind of annoying. He was talking to Cliff about how great he was because he had given his son his batting gloves earlier this Spring and then when Cliff left, he said "Thanks Chad!" Wrong sport Dude!

Josh Parr came out and signed for just a few people and was headed back into the dugout, but I called him by his first name and asked him to sign my card and he came back over and signed our card. 

Steve Sax was the last person that we got to sign. He signed three cards, one for me and each of my boys.

Almost forgot, but former Phoenix Sun Cedric Ceballos was at the game. He threw out the first pitch and did some of the public address announcing later in the game. During the first and second inning he was set up though at a table to sign autographs. I didn't know he was going to be there so we just had him sign our tickets. 


  1. Nice. What was saxy doing there?

  2. You're the second person I've seen get Sax at the game yesterday. Is Saxy working with the DBacks now?