Friday, December 31, 2010

4 packs of 2007 SP Rookie Edition (Auto)

I stopped by the card shop today and picked up 4 packs of 2007 SP Rookie Edition. Don, the owner of AZ Sports Cards, opened up a fresh box and offered them to me for $1.50 a pack. Each pack contains 8 cards, 4 of the 8 are rookies. Autographs are 1 in 7 packs. I got 1. Take a look at what I got. Not bad for $6 bucks.

Derek Jeter base card

Hunter Pence RC

Adam Lind RC

Phil Hughes RC

Tim Lincecum RC

Michael Bourn AUTO

1 comment:

  1. I always pick these from Dave and Adam's free stuff pile when I order with them. We have a good amount of the set now! I like the classic design auto set even if they are stickers. Great packs! -Andy