Saturday, December 11, 2010

TTM Success: Bill Virdon

I recently sent Bill Virdon a TTM autograph request. He responded in just over a week. Because I didn't have any cards for him to sign I sent a couple of index cards and asked for some inscriptions. He obliged and even sent back an autographed card of his own. Thanks Mr. Virdon!

Bill Virdon played in the Majors from 1955 - 1965 and then 6 games in 1968 (not sure why the gap). He won the 1955 National League Rookie of the Year Award as a St. Louis Cardinal but after a slow start to the 1956 season he was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates. An excellent defensive player, Virdon made several spectacular catches during the 1960 World Series and earned a Gold Glove award in 1962.

After his playing career ended, Virdon became a coach and then a manager. He managed the Pirates (1972-73), the Yankees (1974-75), the Astros (1975-82), and the Expos (1983-84). For his efforts Virdon won the American League Manager of the Year Award in 1974 and the National League Manager of the Year Award in 1980.

More recently Bill has spent time as a coach for the Pirates.


  1. The card Virdon sent is pretty cool.

  2. I've meet him a few times and have lots of cards signed by him but I've never seen that card.

    I must find one for the player collection!!!