Sunday, January 4, 2015

Card Show Recap

Yesterday my oldest son and I went to card show. It was a small show with roughly 20 dealers. About half were pedaling coins, stamps, and comic books.

I did something I'd never done before, but have seen may other bloggers post about. I set some goals for the card show.

I wanted to pick up some 2014 Stadium Club singles since I hadn't gotten any yet. I was also on the lookout for any of the D-Backs bobbleheads I still need. I hoped to find some Topps D-Backs team sets at a good price to knock out some of my want lists. I also wanted to see if I could find any cards for my Ryan Roberts or Brandon Webb cards.

Things started off great, then slowed down and the ended with a couple of bargain pick-ups.

Our first stop was at a set of tables with boxes of 2014 cards. I was hoping that they were 10/$1, but when I asked, the dealer told me they were 5/$1. I picked up 17 cards for $3.

I won't show all the cards, but here is my favorite.

At another table I found a smaller stack of Stadium Club that were 10/$1. I was able to find 10 additional cards.

After making a trip around the floor and only picking up 27 2014 Stadium Club cards, we decided to make one more round.

I spotted a 1989 Upper Deck factory set with a piece of paper taped to it saying "No Griffey RC". It had a $6 price tag, so I asked about it. I wanted to know if it was only missing the Griffey or if there were other cards missing as well.

The guy said that the Griffey was the only card missing and that I could have it for $2. I told him I would take it.

I already have the Griffey, so hopefully the rest is complete. I had my doubts so as soon as we got to the car I checked to see if it had the Randy Johnson RC. It did.

So for $2 I at least got a Randy Johnson RC and I might end up with a complete set of 1989 Upper Deck. I've always wanted this set because it is the "Premier Edition" as the box says.

After I paid for the Upper Deck I moved down the table and opened up a binder that had what I thought was a partial 1984 Topps set. The dealer said that it was missing 6-8 cards. 

I flipped through the binder a little bit and noticed a few empty spots. Before I could say anything the dealer told me I could have it for $8 bucks. 

I quickly closed the binder and said "No thanks." He said, "It's 800 cards." I told him yeah, but you just sold me 800 cards for $2. He said that these were older. I opened the binder again and saw the Daryl Strawberry RC. The dealer then said, "Fine. $3.", so I bought it. 

In hindsight I should have realized that a binder with 800 cards would have been much bigger. 

After getting home and looking at the entire binder I realized that it only went up to card #387, so it's only roughly half of the 792 card set and it is missing 6 cards. #8 Don Mattingly RC, #30 Wade Boggs, #100 Reggie Jackson, #251 Tony Gwynn, #259 Sparky Anderson, and #300 Pete Rose. 

I'm just glad I didn't pay $8 for it. I'm definitely disappointed that I don't have a near complete set, but $3 for a Strawberry RC and a nice binder are worth the $3 to me. 

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  1. Looks like you found some great cardboard! Hard to beat dime box Stadium Clubs. I'd probably pay two bucks for that Randy Johnson rookie alone, so I'd say you got a heck of a steal on that '89 UD lot! Even with the missing cards, that many '84 Topps for three bucks is still a nice deal.