Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon (Part 2)

I hope to make this a regular feature on my blog where I recap the week. I'll share an overview of things with my family, sports, and pop culture.

A couple of things really stick out to me about this past week.

On Tuesday, this years Baseball Hall of Fame inductees were announced. Randy Johnson (97.3%), Pedro Martinez (91.1%), John Smoltz (82.9%), and Craig Biggio (82.7%) all made the cut.

The previous Saturday I had picked up a 1989 Upper Deck set (just missing the Griffey). It did however contain rookie cards of 3 of the 4 players elected.

The same seller had about 10 1991 Upper Deck Final Edition sets for $1 each. I wish I would have picked one up for the Pedro Martinez rookie card. Hopefully the dealer will be at the next show and they will still be $1.

Wallet Card really took off this last week. Last Sunday I shared my choice for my Wallet Card and this week I had two additional posts. Both of them were food related.

I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's Wallet Card posts! Keep them coming!

I got a TTM this week that I haven't got to show yet, so here it is...and it's a good one!

The "S" smudged a little, but it looks awesome, just like I thought it would!

My two oldest boys had their first flag football games yesterday. I am an assistant coach for both of their teams.

My 8 year old played first and did great! He played the entire game and caught two passes for extra points (They do things a little differently in flag football since they don't kick field goals. His team won 33-13.

My 6 year old, who turns 7 tomorrow, did great as well! He had an interception and his team won 12 - 0.

Wish I would have taken some pictures, but I didn't really think about it while I was coaching.

We also got the boys signed up for Little League. I'll be coaching again this year. I'll be a head coach for my 7 year old and will help out as an assistant coach for my 8 year old, who will be 9 before the season starts.

Hope everyone had a great week and this next week is great as well!


  1. based on the garvey auto, i would say that it was a good week indeed!

  2. Upper Deck was THE place to get your premium Rookie Cards ;)
    BTW- I'll be doing some card sorting these next couple of days so I should have those Topps Update D-Back cards out and ready to ship by this weekend or early next week.I've updated my profile with an E Mail where you can send me shipping info.

  3. my Wallet Card and this week I had two additional posts. Both of them were food related.

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