Sunday, January 18, 2015

Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon (Part 3)

I hope to make this a regular feature on my blog where I recap the week. I'll share an overview of things with my family, sports, and pop culture.

This makes three weeks in a row for a Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon post. I'm pretty proud of my self for keeping it up this long. I like it though because it gives me a chance to share some things that I missed blogging about or might not be substantial enough for a post of their own.

This has been a busy, but really good week!

My middle son turned 7 on Monday, so we celebrated last Sunday, on Monday, and yesterday with various family!

During the week, it was announced that Randy Johnson will go into the Hall of Fame with a Diamondbacks hat! Johnson spent time with the Expos, Mariners, Astros, Diamondbacks, Yankees, and Giants, but there were only 3 options. The Diamondbacks, Mariners, or no logo.

So happy that it will be the D-Backs! i found this on Twitter and will give credit to @sportslogonet.

Wednesday I opened this, courtesy of a contest win from The Cardboard Connection. You can see my recap of the box here

The Diamondbacks announced their promotional schedule on Friday. Here are the bobbleheads that will be given out this season.

Hello Kitty - April 11th 
Josh Collmenter - May 9th
Tony LaRussa - June 6th
AJ Pollock Star Wars - July 18th
Randy Johnson HOF - July 25th

Here are my thoughts.

What the hell....o kitty!?!
Josh Collmenter - Cool!
Tony LaRussa - Too soon for a D-Backs bobblehead.
I'm up for anything baseball and Star Wars. Pollock is a bonus!
Randy Johnson HOF - Sweet!

I picked up a nice Paul Goldschmidt 1/1 Printing Plate this week. It's from 2014 Topps Tribute.

Friday night I hit up the club with my #WalletCard. Sam's Club.

Walked in and was greeted by this sign stating that Arizona Cardinals running back Andre Ellington will be there on Saturday, January 24th signing autographs as part of an SB49 promotion.

Saturday my boys had their second flag football games and both did great again! My middle son's team won 14-12 and he ran in for the two extra points that gave his team the edge.

My oldest son played a really good team. My son got a safety and his team led 2-0 at halftime. In the second half he caught a pass and ran about 50 yards for the games only touchdown!

I got a ttm in on Saturday. It was an upgrade for my First Night Game at Wrigley Field set.

I got a couple of awesome packages in the mail this week that I made videos.

One was from YouTuber Nathaniel Go. I'll get a post up soon recapping everything he sent, but if you want to watch a 25 minute video you can. 

I also got a package from Lifetime Topps project that I still need to post about as well. Thanks Charlie! 

I also got caught up on Gotham and started watching Agent Carter this weekend and I just finished watching the Seahawks win a crazy game against the Packers. It was a great week!

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